Frequently Asked Questions

Are you professional DJs or is this a hobby? How long have you been in business?

It happens. You put your deposit down and the DJ but he has a new job now, or worse yet leaves the island. Kustom Sounds Kauai has stepped in more than once to help a bride who went with a discount service that had only been in business for a short while. Make sure the DJ Company you choose has roots on the island. How many years have they been in business? Check their references - does your DJ rent or own their home? Does he/she have another job and DJ only part time?

Kustom Sounds Kauai is a solid, established company of professionals founded on service and commitment. Kustom Sounds Kauai Owner/DJ, Michael Dandurand, has been a resident of Kauai since 1986 and has lived in his own home in Wailua Homesteads since 1993.

Kustom Sounds Kauai has NEVER missed an event.