Meet the DJs

DJ Zach

Zach Stratt, Headshot, Kustom Sounds Kauai DJ

Everyone loves Zach. Zachary Van Stratt hails from Telluride, CO, 16 years as a DJ.¬†Zach has a cool, smooth way about him putting everyone around him at ease. His knowledge and “possession” of music and how it works is untouchable. A renowned scratch DJ from the east coast, we are lucky to have this talented artist that has made the leap into the wedding market without skipping a beat.

Zach Stratt, Headshot, Kustom Sounds Kauai DJ
I spend my free time surfing, socializing and searching for the lost city of shambhala. Why do I love DJing? I love the technical side of DJing. Scratching, drumming, mixing, beat juggling but nothing beats watching everyone dance to their favorite songs.

You’ll find Zach to be a DJ or many surprising talents. He’s an accomplished Alto and Tenor Saxophone player. He’s a student of music theory, sound engineering and production. He’s an award-winning turntablist, playing alongside the likes of Coolio, Wu Tang Clan, 2 Live Crew, the Guru’s and the Wailers and has been invited to play in many top clubs across the country because of his talent (NY, LA, Vegas, Denver and SF). He is verifiably one of the top 3 turntablists in the US.